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  Need an expert in communicating creative copy and content?

(Try saying that three times in a row getting faster.)

In layman's terms: I communicate what it is you're trying to say in a way that's easy to understand and nice to read.

No jargon. No faff. Just clear and consistent brand voice, values, and vim.




At the helm of the business is little ol' me, Katharine Matthews. With an Honours degree in English Studies, a PGCE in Secondary English, a Master's degree in Comparative Literature and 13 years' experience teaching English, I decided to add another string to my bow, in the shape of my own company. (Glutton for punishment). 

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I've just re-read this for the umpteenth time in the last 20 years. Why? Not only is it a quintessential classic you can't go wrong with, but the recent remake on Netflix renewed my thirst for the Gothic thriller. Du Maurier is a strong wordsmith, and the weaving of Rebecca is comfortingly gripping. I'd also recommend Jamaica Inn and The Birds for further pleasurable reading. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Jon Urdirotz Gorospe,

Channel Marketing Manager for intelligentpos

'During the early days of intelligentpos we really needed to step up in terms of content and SEO. Hiring Katharine to help us with this was a key move during those early days. She was able to adapt and help us with the most relevant content at that time. I would absolutely recommend her to others in the same position as we were.'

David Finlay,
BA Hons.
Financial Services

'Using The Absolute Word to aid me in editing my dissertation was definitely the correct decision. My work was edited in a way - using very good software - which meant I was able to see where I went wrong and how to improve other areas of my piece of work. It also meant that course-specific terms which don't always read easily weren't just changed to result in my argument being lost.


From start to finish I found Katharine to be extremely professional. Before any work start a quote was agreed and the final invoice, which took less time than originally thought, was less than the agreed fee. I can't recommend this service highly enough; if I had had time I would have sent my dissertation across a few times at different stages as I think this would have also helped to better my work.'

Abigail Hood,

GCSE student

'Having been taught in preparation for GCSEs in both English Language and English Literature (subsequently obtaining an A and A* grade), I can confidently say the the dedication of creating an individually-tailored programme, friendly ongoing support, and vast knowledge of the subject has provided me with vital skills, standing me in good stead for the future.'

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