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Who am I?

At the helm of the business is little ol' me, Katharine Matthews.


With an Honours degree in English Studies, a PGCE in Secondary English, a Master's degree in Comparative Literature and 13 years' experience teaching English (during some of which time assisting the running of a department, or co-ordinating whole-school literacy), I decided to add another string to my bow, in the shape of my own company. (Glutton for punishment).


I have a strong, varied background and skill-set in copywriting for corporate and small businesses, as well as creative writing for various audiences. 

Equally, I've spent several years tutoring students of all abilities, from those as young as 5, to those studying for GCSEs and A Levels (as well as Scottish equivalents), and to those studying English as a foreign language and/or preparing for IELTS and other such examinations.

My Ethos


Call me crazy, but I believe that excellent customer service, an amenable and flexible approach to each individual client's needs, and a strong work ethic are fundamentally basic components of a good business.


Coming from an upbringing where incorrect grammar and shoddy, slapdash Standard English were sternly and systematically reprimanded (much in the vein of Harry Potter's under-the-stair cupboard. Well, not really. But pocket money fines were common. I kid you not.), The Absolute Word places the importance of good grammar and spelling at its core. (So from an early age, I've realised the more thorough my attention to good English, the more pocket money I retain...).


But it's not just about the money. I run a highly personable, dedicated and passionate company which believes in providing a service that both parties are mutually happy with.


Hence why I offer highly competitive rates and a 'can-do' attitude. 

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