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The Beauty of Coworking: Desk Union experiences and escapades.

Shamefully, almost three months have passed since my last blog, but what a rewarding three months they've been! We've taken on some new clients, as well as enjoying working with many of the existing bunch; we've made several new contacts from networking events, such as a wine-tasting evening courtesy of Edinburgh Young Professionals, a fantastic community aimed at, well, exactly who it says on the tin; we've sadly come to the end of our programme of AS and A Level English Literature group tuition sessions at the very accommodating YHA in Berwick-upon-Tweed, and we've been making the most of our membership at Desk Union, a coworking space right in the heart of Edinburgh, which is precisely what today's blog is about.

Nestled in between Harvey Nichols and the Bank of Scotland on the east side of St. Andrew's Square, set back from the pavement behind a meticulously kept lawn and flowerbed, stands the inarguably impressive Dundas House, home of the Royal Bank of Scotland since its acquisition of the former mansion-turned-Customs-House in 1821. Designed by the architect Sir William Chambers, whose most notable work was Somerset House, it was completed in 1774 and became an iconic component of Edinburgh's oldest financial centre.

Fast forward to 2015, and it now not only houses the head office of RBS, but Desk Union's fresh and dynamic flagship coworking space, The Square. The brainchild of CEO, entrepreneurial expert and fellow Stirling University survivor, Victoria Arnold, The Square is a hub for all manner of businesses and freelancers, from Sales and Marketing virtuosi, Round Door, to hassle-free booking system creators, Appointedd; from legal eagles in commercial mediation, Murray and Duncan, to independent health and wellness consultant for Neways, June Guthrie: every one of the members is a vital part of the rich fabric of this collaborative work space.

The beauty of Desk Union is its simplicity: you choose how much you want to use the space, opt for the price plan most appropriate to your needs, et voila! Stick a fork in yourself: you're done. As a member of The Square, you've opened the door to the future of affordable and flexible working, to a wealth of contacts, to regular networking events, to a choice of two meeting rooms, and to an unquestionably aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere, where the various spaces are absolutely conducive to motivation and productivity. Not to mention, of course, the free tea and coffee, Skype booths, high-speed WiFi, member perks like discounted massages from Bodyworks Edinburgh, and, my personal favourite, the regular end-of-month networking celebration, Beers and Ideas. In essence, Desk Union is the bee's knees of business.

As if all of that weren't enough for us, we took a little time this month to channel our inner Neil Buchanans and spend a Saturday with some of the DU team rearranging and vamping up the office even more. We chose to upcycle a desk with some Mod Podge and old Edinburgh Fringe posters. As you do. Now our offering resides alongside other member contributions of The Beano, Where's Wally?, the London A-Z, and, glory of all glories, a desk adorned with 1970's popular culture. And then, like all good businesspeople, we few, we happy few, we band of Kandinskys, went to The Basement Bar for burritos. Which led to mojitos. Which led to tequila. Which led to karaoke at The Electric Circus. Which led to the next morning's realisation that whilst my soul is eternally twenty-one, my shell is most certainly not. Worth it? Without a doubt.

So there you have it: a Desk Union a day helps you work, rest and play. Find out more about becoming a member at, try before you buy with a free half-day's usage, and join the coworking revolution!


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